My Teaching Archive

1) My Teaching Experience (file),  and my Supervision style (file)

2) Teaching awards

3) Pedagogical Training: THLE, University of Copenhagen

4) Administration and evaluation of education

  • Regine Oexl (University of Padua). 
  • Emma Svenson (University of Lund), 
  • Ulrik Haagen Nielsen (University of Copenhagen)
  • Ritwik Banerjee (University of Aarhus)
  • Andreas Dickert (University of east Anglia), 
  • PhD candidates assesment 2013 (IFRO)
  • PhD candidates assessment 2014 and 2015 (Econ Dept. UCPH) 

5) Teaching Philosophy (file
Reflection on one's own pedagogical activities. The applicant's reflections regarding their own teaching work, the objectives that this work has had, the methods and how it has been carried out. In this reflection, the applicant is to analyse and account for the motives for their teaching activities in relation to their pedagogical understanding and what the students are learning.

6) THLE diploma

7) Teaching Evaluations

  • Economics of Crime (Spring 2013) (file)
  • Biases, Motivations and Persuasion in Decision Making (Fall 2013) (file)
  • Behavioral Economics in Action (Spring 2014) (file)
  • Science of Behavior Change (Fall 2014) (file-pre) (file-post)
  • Thank a Teacher Card (file)
  • Students think about my course... (file)

8) Examples of teaching material

9) Previous students

My Students (file),