Journal articles:
  • The Dark Side of the Vote: Biased Voters, Social Information, and Information Aggregation Through Majority Voting", with Rebecca Morton and Jean-Robert Tyran. Conditionally accepted by Games and Economic Behavior.
  • "Children develop a Veil of Fairness" with Alex Shaw, Natalia Montinari, Kristina Olson, Francesca Gino, Michael Norton. Journal of Experimental Psychology-General, February 2014, Vol. 143(1): 363-375.
  • "Temptation at Work" with Alessandro Bucciol and Daniel Houser. 
    PLoS ONE, January 2013, 8(1).

Papers under review (available upon request):
  • "It wasn´t me! Visibility and Free-Riding in Waste Sorting" with Alessandro Bucciol and Natalia Montinari.
  • "Personality Traits and Risk Preferences in Children" with Helene Willadsen and Ingo Zettler
  • "Moral Regulation Dynamics in Young Children and Young Adults:  Spill-Over Effects of (Im)Moral Actions on Altruistic Giving" with Nina Mazar and Natalia Montinari.
  • "The Hidden Cost of Specialization" with Fabio Landini and Antonio Nicolò. 

Book chapters
  • "Measuring the impact of economic incentives in waste sorting" with Alessandro Bucciol, Natalia Montinari and Lorenzo Valmasoni; in A. D'Amato, M. Mazzanti, and A. Montini [eds.], Waste Management in Spatial Environments, Routledge Press, 2013. 
  • "Do not miss the opportunity! When to introduce monetary incentives" with Alessandro Bucciol, Natalia Montinari; in T. Kinnaman, and K. Takeuchi [eds.], Handbook of Waste Management, Edward Elgar Press, 2014.

Policy Contributions and Newspaper articles:

  • "Willpower Depletion and Its Effects on Work Outcome", in Mental Notes. Summer 2012, Pag. 29-30.